Senior Capstone Experience

For Medical Nutrition Therapy II, we were required to do a capstone project where we shadowed a dietitian of our choosing for at least 20 hours. I chose to shadow two dietitians that work in the Bozeman Deaconess Diabetes Center. Bozeman Deaconess Hospital is the only hospital in the area and the Diabetes Center is one of many offices under the hospitals umbrella. Arleen Eliason, R.D. is the only full time employee of the Diabetes Center and she sees most patients that come to the office. Les Jones P.A.-C., R.D. is one of three medical providers that work in the office. Over the three days I was in the office, I observed visits with Arleen and Les and attended pre-diabetes and diabetes classes taught by another dietitian that contracts with the office. We saw a variety of patients from newly diagnosed teenagers to people that have had T2DM for 30 years. I was so inspired by the services they provided and excellence in the office I insisted my father become a patient there to help with his diabetes management.

Senior Capstone Paper
This is the paper I turned in following my experience at the Diabetes Center. It includes my interactions with the providers, patients, observations, and my use of the Nutrition Care Process for multiple patients.
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Bozeman Deaconess Hospital next to the beautiful Bridger Mountains.
Bozeman Deaconess Hospital next to the beautiful Bridger Mountains.

40 Hours Clinical Observation

This experience did not have a nutrition focus but I observed multiple doctors over the course of the spring of 2012. I shadowed a nurse practitioner at Community Health Partners, which is Bozeman's only sliding fee scale clinic. I shadowed a physician's assistant and a doctor of osteopathy at Urgent Care. I observed a doctor of osteopathy at Alpine Orthopedic and a medical doctor at Bridger Ear, Nose, and Throat. This experience allowed me to observe the patient-provider interaction first hand. It was interesting to get perspectives of the medical field from a variety of specialists. They all had such different practices that you could never get bored in the medical profession.

Statement of Originality

This portfolio is the original work of Stephanie E. Johnson, me. Please do not copy without permission. Some of the exhibits, work samples, and/or service samples are property of the organization whose name appears on the document. Each has granted permission for the product to be used as a demonstration of my work. To the left: is a painting of a pansy I made for my father. Background photos by Audrey Schadt.