STUDY ABROAD in Costa Rica

In the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to study in Costa Rica. I took classes in Spanish and Costa Rican Health Care System. This was the most amazing experience of my life. I tried so many new things and met incredible new people. Being from Montana, I have not been exposed to many cultures but have always had a burning desire to learn more about other peoples. My time in Costa Rica was great chance to learn about a new culture that I fell completely in love with.

Backpacking In Nicaragua

After my studies ended, I stayed in the region for a few weeks and decided to have an adventure in nearby Nicaragua. My experience included volcano boarding, swimming in a dormant volcano crater, exploring ruins, and admiring architecture. I again fell in love with the people and culture.

Statement of Originality

This portfolio is the original work of Stephanie E. Johnson, me. Please do not copy without permission. Some of the exhibits, work samples, and/or service samples are property of the organization whose name appears on the document. Each has granted permission for the product to be used as a demonstration of my work. To the left: is a painting of a pansy I made for my father. Background photos by Audrey Schadt.