Good Food Store

Grocery Purchaser, Barista, & Deli Service

The Good Food Store is where I found my new passion for food. I was hired as a barista and deli service worker. I made coffee drinks, juices, smoothies, and sandwiches. After one year in the coffee bar and deli, I applied for a promotion to be a grocery purchaser. This new position allowed me to learn about the ordering process and I was responsible for a minimum of $125,000 in merchandise per month.

Good Food Store - Missoula, MT
Good Food Store - Missoula, MT

Rosauer's Supermarket

Health Foods Specialist


I worked in the Huckleberry's Natural Market in Rosauer's Supermarket. Because of my experience at Good Food Store, they hired me to place orders and assist customers with product questions, descriptions, and uses.

Mud Hut Espresso




I served coffee at the Mud Hut for 2 years until I left for my study abroad program in Costa Rica. I love coffee (if that is not obvious by my work history) and I loved making customers smile. In the summer of 2011, I decided to revamp the menus for the shop and this is an example to the left. I also created a specialty drink that is still on the menu today, The Spicy Red Head.

The Filling Station




I worked at the Filling Station for 18 months. I enjoyed the fast pace environment and fact that I got to dance almost every shift. I learned how to be efficient and fast with my every move. We would sometimes serve over 100 drinks per hour per bartender. This job helped me learn to keep my cool and set clear limits.

Statement of Originality

This portfolio is the original work of Stephanie E. Johnson, me. Please do not copy without permission. Some of the exhibits, work samples, and/or service samples are property of the organization whose name appears on the document. Each has granted permission for the product to be used as a demonstration of my work. To the left: is a painting of a pansy I made for my father. Background photos by Audrey Schadt.